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Covid 19 Safety & Non Negotiables

LuxeLash requires that you wear a mask during the entire service or you will not be serviced. LuxeLash also requires clients to provide proof of vaccination or Covid negative result within 24 -48 hours of their appointment. NO EXCEPTIONS. We have a 0 tolerance for any clients trying to get around the mandates, please if this doesn’t work for you we are very sorry but our top priory will always remain our clients’ health and safety .

In order to keep our artists safe and healthy, we ask that any clients that are not feeling well or have any cold or flu like symptoms to please reschedule. Otherwise, you will NOT be serviced and instead be asked to reschedule. We understand that this may mean we do not receive enough notice, hence, why we keep detailed records for each client. If you’re afraid of losing deposit because you were not able to reschedule in time, please rest assured LuxeLash will hold your deposit for when you’re better and able to come in as long as you provide us with a Covid negative or positive test result.

Appointment Policy

Luxe Lash will require that any missed or cancelled appointments that were not made within the 24-hour time frame pay the total appointment cost in order to rebook your appointments. Deposit policy applies to this. Example: A Client that didn’t give 24-hour notice will forfeit the deposit and have to pay in full to rebook indefinitely.

Deposit Policy

LuxeLash requires all clients to leave half of their total appointment cost in order to secure their appointment time. If you do not give us 24 hours notice of cancellation or reschedule, you forfeit your deposit total and will need to pay your next appointment in full in order to secure your time.. Payments can be made via Cash App, PayPal, Venmo or Bank Pay.

Covid Exposure Clause:

If you are cancelling because of being sick from Covid or being exposed, you will need to provide either a Covid negative or positive test result in order for LuxeLash to hold your deposit. Once we have received that, we can go ahead and rebook you.

Late Fee Charge

$25 fee for 15 mins: As of January 1st 2022, LuxeLash is now enforcing our late fee charge of $25.00. Custom volume lashes take time and is a service that should not be rushed. If you’re unable to come on time consistently, this is not the salon for you. We have yearly returning clients that we service and need to keep a steady flow of our appointment times which is not possible if even 1 person is late. We should not have to go over on time just because you’re late. This causes a ripple effect for the remaining day to run behind which can also affect other client’s busy schedules. Please be mindful of our artists and other clients’ time. We will wave this fee 1x for everyone. After that, unfortunately late fee will be enforced. (NO EXCEPTIONS)


Lash Packs are not interchangeable. You may not use fills towards full sets or vice versa. Lash Packs are “NOT REFUNDABLE”.


All clients are required to have a minimum of 40% retention rate to qualify for a fill service. Regardless if it’s within the 2-6week time period. NO EXCEPTIONS (*each client is responsible for rescheduling a sooner or later date, depending on their current retention.)

This is an example of 40% retention   ⬆️

Not acceptable for a fill   ⬆️

Fill Policy

Luxe Lash only offers 1-2 fills per full set due to sanitation purposes. After so many weeks it’s very important to remove the lashes and reapply a fresh set.

Refund Policies

Luxe Lash understands that there is a potential possibility of an allergic reaction-as with all cosmetic products. We ask that you Please inform your artist of any allergies to adhesives or latex, as sensitive/hypoallergenic adhesives are available. Having your eye/s remain blood shot for a period of 3 days following your procedure is a possible reaction as well. To avoid this please advice your artist if you feel stinging during application. We do not offer refunds for allegic reactions but will gladly remove the extensions at no extra charge.

Removal Policy

All clients that need their foreign lashes removed will be charged 25$ in addition to their first visit and any current clients that would like their lashes removed and do not want to receive a full set will also be subject to the 25$ removal fee.

Sanitation Rules

At LuxeLash, our top priority is clients’ natural lash health. This being said if you come in and your lashes are very dirty or soiled with makeup or build up you may be asked to add a lash bath to your services in order to avoid lashing over soiled lashes.


LuxeLash does not allow clients to wear mascara on top of their extensions. The reason being, one it’s very unsanitary and makes it impossible to do fills when mascara builds up in between your set. Mascara also closes up all the fans our artists custom fan for you. Mascara is also oil based so it breaks down the adhesive over time which in turn causes premature shedding not allowing clients the longest retention.